Sharing via WebDAV

Hello everybody. Does anyone know how I can enable sharing from Mac to the Apple TV via WebDAV? At the moment I share Infuse via SMB but the speeds are low, I wanted to try it via WebDAV but I don’t know how. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

Is this causing playback problems like pauses or stutters? Have you gone through the adjustments on the SMB discussed in the users guides? What speeds are you seeing that you feel are too low?

FTP is also another choice that may be less involved.

I’ve not personally heard of WebDAV used from a Mac but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There’s a users guide for streaming away from home that may help point you in the right direction.

Sometimes, when the files are large. Thanks for the help, I’ll try via FTP.

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What kind of speeds are you seeing with SMB? It may be an easy settings change to get you what you need.

40, 50Mbps. Around that. It’s all connected via ethernet and I have 500 Mbps internet speed.

I’m using SMB also and getting around 300Mbps over Ethernet. You may want to try a different SMB version per the users guide.

I have seen in the past that the “Legacy” setting was far better than auto or 3.

Nothing wrong at all with going FTP but since you’ve got the SMB in place an adjustment in version may be a quick fix.

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I installed the WebDAVNav Server app on my Mac but I can’t share anything with Infuse. I tried it in other apps and I can access the WebDav server, but Infuse always says it can’t find the server.