Sharing JB experience on DFU mode


Just want to share some experiences on jb Apple TV 2.

I had same difficulty to get into DFU mode during jb process.

I tried every official trick (from fire core) and unofficial trick, but none of them worked.

I tried from Mac, then to Windows VISTA, but none of them worked.

I used 2 micro usb cables but can’t help.

Finally, I found a not good-looking micro usb cable, but it worked!

So, as some users said, cable does matter!

Also, if you are jb on windows, you may need to turn off anti-virus software for awhile,

otherwise you may not be even able to run seasonpass at all (and sometimes no prompt to warn you).

Good luck everyone!

I think there are a number of things that are needed to jailbreak the atv. One of those is luck.

Recent experiance. Re-Jailbreak my atv in the longe so as i get IOS 5 on it etc, went smooth as a babies bottom, no issues, jailbroke with no problems at all. 1 hour later, same kit (cable, pc etc) go to jailbreak my 2nd atv (from the kids room) and no luck, cant get into DFU mode.

Just goes to show that there ARE some slight differences in the atv and that you do need luck on yourside.

Still havent been able to jailbreak the 2nd atv and have tried about 10 times now!  :( 

A member here posted that he used a Powered USB hub, worked first time after many tries without the hub.

I have not had the need to try it