Sharing Infuse Pro purchase in Apple Family Sharing


Yesterday I purchased a Pro license for my iPad and I want to share it with my husband’s iPad through the Family Sharing feature, as we usually do with many of our purchases. However I don’t seem to be able to share Infuse Pro; my husband’s device is stuck at Infuse 3 (free version) and we’re not able to restore my purchase in his iPad. Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, I’ve just notice a similar post from some time ago and, according to the staff suggestion, I’m opening a new ticket with a screenshot of my paid version.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this purchase does not appear in my App Store list of purchases. Since I bought it from in-app Infuse 3 this is the only app listed in my purchase list, not Infuse Pro.

As far a I know, family sharing doesn’t allow to share in-app purchases yet (iOS limitation). Might be in the future.