Sharing Infuse Lifetime Purchase With Family

Hey again, friends.

As I mentioned in a previous thread I’m having a heck of a time sharing my lifetime pro infuse subscription with my family.

After finally giving up on trakt, I poked around the forums to see if there was a way to share the purchase (like you would anything else). I bought Infuse 5 Pro lifetime in 2018, and it isn’t listed as subscription option in my iCloud account. I made sure the sharing subscription toggle was enabled on both my account, and my mom’s account.

I have followed the tips in the stickied thread, and all the troubleshooting threads to no avail. When clicking “restore” on the “Buy Infuse Pro” screen, the restore button just shakes. Delete, redownload, different machine, it is all the same.

Most of the other threads on this topic just kind of dead end, so I assume that’s going to be what happens here. I just thought I would try and see if anyone had any other ideas.


You cannot restore infuse pro 5. This is a standalone app that was purchased (not subscription) that you can download from the App Store under your purchases. If you share your App Store account with your family they can download it under family purchases in the App Store app. You get to keep infuse pro 5 without paying again and in that sense it is lifetime.

The current infuse app (currently version 7.5.1) is a free, subscription-based app where you have to pay for a subscription (monthly, yearly, or lifetime) to gain pro features. This is a separate app that came out many years ago when the firecore team decided to stop releasing standalone pro versions. For instance if you had infuse pro 4, this did not get you infuse 5 pro for free. So you will need to pay for a subscription to the new infuse app to gain new features. Then you should be able to share that with family.

Infuse 5 was the first subscription-based Infuse iirc (I have receipts for my infuse 5 subscription before they offered a lifetime upgrade).

I have not had to pay for infuse pro since upgrading (and I haven’t had to download a specific version to get it), so I’m pretty sure that Infuse 5 was not standalone.

Edit: I should mentioned that the trakt sync was working fine for years for letting my parents use Infuse Pro. But ever since Trakt started having troubles this last holiday, it hasn’t worked reliably to sync my Pro ownership (signing in and out and the other recommended troubleshooting problems from this thread haven’t solved the issue).

If paying 100 dollars to “update my lifetime sub” or whatever is what it took, I would gladly do it. Infuse has been my most used Apple TV App for years, and I certainly don’t mind giving them more money - I just would like this problem to be fixed :frowning:

It would have been possible to purchase either ‘Infuse Pro 5’ (standalone app) or lifetime via the free Infuse 5 app. The standalone apps were made available because Apple did not support Family Sharing of in-app purchases until early 2021.

Can you PM me a copy of your purchase receipt? Full details on locating your past purchases can be found here.


Thanks. I received your receipt, and it looks like you do own lifetime (purchased via the free Infuse 5 app).

There are a few things you can do to resolve issues with Family Sharing.

On purchaser’s device

  1. Check to ensure the purchases has ‘Purchase Sharing’ is enabled in iOS > Settings > Profile > Family Sharing
  2. If you’re using a subscription, open the Infuse subscription page (in App Store > Profile > Subscriptions > Infuse) and ensure the ‘Share with Family’ option is enabled

On family member’s device

  1. Check to ensure the purchases has ‘Purchase Sharing’ is enabled in iOS > Settings > Profile > Family Sharing
  2. Delete the Infuse app from your family member’s device
  3. Open the App Store, and browse for the Infuse 7 app from the list of purchased apps of the family member who purchased the license. App Store > Profile icon > Purchased > Family Purchases
  4. Once downloaded, tap the Restore button on the purchase prompt in Infuse

If the app does not appear there, it’s possible it may have been hidden. Hidden apps cannot be shared with Family Sharing, but a bit more info on the options for unhiding apps can be found in this guide. Hide purchases from the App Store - Apple Support

Alternatively, if you are having issues with Apple’s Family Sharing you can use the alternate method for sharing via Trakt described in this guide. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing