Sharing from Win10 PC to ATV4k

I’ve been using a mac and sharing to an ATV4k no problem. I now have a PC and want to share from that too.

I have shared the folder on the PC but can’t find any instrcutions on how to set up the share in infuse. I used the folder address \DESKTOP… and my email address and password I used when I set up the PC but I got a password error.

Any guidance anywhere that might help me?

Update: I have gotten the share to work now, added the shared folder to the infuse favourites and the content in the folder is visiable, but won’t play. It also doesn’t appear in the infuse library settinggs page. What am i missing?

UPDATE 2: I got it to partially work another way. I had to search for ‘media streaming options’ on the PC and enabled media streaming. Then the media folders appeared under ‘available shares’ in infuse. Media will play from here. I added the folder to favourites. But now I can’t get the favourited folder to appear in my library. That share does not appear on the library settings page, so I cannot check it for inclusion This share is UPNP/DLNA no SMB, is that why or something else?

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First, yes, the reason you can’t see your files in the library is the DLNA connection.

Second, the last Win version I had any access to was 3.1 so I’m not real sure what to tell you about Win 10 but there are several posts regarding Win 10 file sharing.

Here’s one

Try the search function at the top of the page from the home forum page to see others. :smiley:

Cracked it this morning. I had seen posts yesterday mentioning creating a new user for sharing but I couldn’t find instrcutions. I found some this morning and that worked.

For those stumbling onto this thread:

  1. In the Windows search ype user and select 'Add, edit or remove other users.
  2. Then click ‘Add someone else to this PC’ (not a work or school user)
  3. Click ‘I don’t have this persons sign-in info’
  4. Click 'Add user without a Microsoft account
  5. Create user name and password
  6. Go to the folder you want to share and give this new user access

After doing this the PC IP address appeared in available shares in infuse and eveything worked perfectly. IMO this needs to added to the Infuse instructions for setting up shares. The current instructions are not sufficient.

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