Sharing from one ATV1 to another

Okay, I’m at a serious loss as to how to properly get one Apple TV to see media from another. Background:


I have two Apple TVs (first gen, HD based). One is names “Erin’s Apple TV” and the other is named “Renee’s Apple TV”. Erin’s Apple TV has two USB hard drives connected to it-- one called “Movies” and the other is called “TV Shows” (I got really clever with the names for everything :P). 


My goal is to give Renee’s Apple TV access to the USB drives connected to Erin’s Apple TV.


Both of the Apple TVs are running the newest ATV software from Apple and the newest version of ATV flash. Erin’s Apple TV has fire sharing installed and enabled, with “auto start” selected. Here is a pic of the verification screen:



On Renee’s Apple TV, I have attempted to connect to Erin’s Apple TV as an SMB server as pictured below:



but when I click “mount” I get the following error: 



Which made me check to make sure Renee’s Apple TV was actually on the network. I’m pretty sure it is, as it can see both a computer and youtube:





Any possible thoughts about what could possibly be causing this? It’s a big issue, as “Renee’s Apple TV” was a gift I gave, and it’s currently pretty useless, without any content!


Oh, and I can’t share from the computer instead-- the only desktop in the how has overheating issues and randomly shuts off as a result :stuck_out_tongue: