Sharing Dropbox Settings over Multiple iTunes Accounts


I have several apple TVs in the house, and due to the fairly useless access controls in iCloud, they all have separate iTunes accounts and I share from my main account which is on my personal iPhone.

I have uploaded a stack of old home movies to my Dropbox. These work perfect to my iPhone, however as the Dropbox sync is done by iCloud my Apple TVs can’t see them.

Is there a way to share Dropbox settings across multiple iTunes accounts? Or even better a way to configure Dropbox on the Apple TV?

I have found a partial workaround by grabbing another iPad, signing in with the second iTunes account, installing infuse (by Family Sharing), enabling icloud, authorizing Dropbox and then letting it sync to the Apple TV with the same iTunes account… a lot of work!

I hope someone can tell me a better solution to being able to stream from Dropbox with Infuse on an AppleTv!

On that note, once you do get infuse to see the Dropbox share, it can see everything in Dropbox; it would be great to be able to limit Infuse’s visibility to one folder (and it’s sub folders of course)

Unfortunately since Apple doesn’t allow iCloud data to be shared between multiple Apple IDs, there is not an official way to do this at this time.


That strikes the icloud way, but can we configure Dropbox on the AppleTv instead?

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