Sharing Connected USB Volume

My current setup is my apple tv is connected to your time capsule wirelessly. Connected to the apple tv is a harddrive with all of our movies. I was wondering if there was a way of accessing this hard drive through the “shared” section in the finder window. I would like to jut have a apple compouter connect, see it in the shared section, select a movie and open it in VLC or some other type of player. I know that you can mount it but you have to install mac fusion and extra stuff. Im trying to make this a plug and play deal.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to access the external drive connected to the AppleTV on other machines.

You could alternatively connect the hard drive to the Time Capsule, and setup the AppleTV to stream from it. This would also allow the media on the drive to be accessed by other computers or additional AppleTVs.

More info here:

what would be the address of a drive connected to the time capsule through the usb port on the back of the unit? I have a harddrive thats called “My Book”. I can mount it to my computer through this address “afp://Apple Time Capsule._afpovertcp._tcp.local/My%20Book” but when I type that into my apple tv, it fails.

The ‘Network Address’ would be ‘Apple-Time-Capsule.local’ and the ‘Volume Name’ would be ‘My Book’

You will also want to ensure the ‘Mount Type’ is set to SMB, and a username/password are entered if necessary.

its giving me

network mount failed!
mount_smbfs:mount error:/mnt/Scratch/Volumes/My Book: syserr= Resource busy

the settings i am using is:

Mount Name: MYBOOK
Mount Type: smb
Mount Address: Apple-Time-Capsule.local
Requires Authentication: Yes
User Login: Apple Time Capsule
Password: *******
Volume Path: My Book
Auto Mount: on
Use Custom Path: off
Custom Path:
Extra Arguments:

i have yet to figure this out! please help me someone!

when i use this address “appletv.local/Volumes/EXTREME/DVD%20VIDEOS” in the connect to server behind ftp://. it brings up a log in box. If i click registered user and type in “frontrow” for both user name and password, is says

"There was an error connecting to the server “appletv.local”. Check the server name or IP address, and then try again.

If you are unable to resolve the problem contact your system administrator."

if i type in “root” and “frontrow” is says:

“You entered an invalid username or password.”

can i connect to it but just have something wrong?