Shares not working after update

I just upgraded to 4.4.4 anf ATV flash 1.1.


I restores my settings, but now my shares do not work. I get 'connecting", but it never progresses beyond that. The shares are accessible to anything else on the network, so I don’t really understand why ATV flash doesn’t work.

Note that the backup/restore process does not handle any confidential information such as passwords (it mentions this in the description of the backup/restore process).   You may therefore need to re-enter these into the share settings if they are required on your setup.


I have the same problem, unable to share anything from my windows 7 computer. Just stays at connecting. 

The same thing happened to me.  Just restart your aTV and it should solve your problem.


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I have the same problem with Media Player. Restarting ATV doesn’t help. It’s just “connecting” forever. And yet, iTunes and AirPlay from the Windows 7 PC still works. 

I have the same problem. My media file “add share” doesn’t connect to my windows 7. It doesn’t even acknowledge any networks at all. My second apple tv 2 is still on 4.3 and finds my network (pc) with no problems. If anyone knows a solution please help. I just bought this apple tv 2 today updated and jb but know media player.

I hate to add a “me too” to the list, but I can’t connect to my Windows 7 machine. I’m not new to networking and SMB but I’m not able to connect. I can see my MacBook Pro shares but not my Windows 7. I could see them before the update to the untethered version. 

I found a solution. It had something to do with Home Sharing in Windows. Here’s the source: