SharePlay/Watch Party (Like Prime/Disney Watch Party)

its not exclusive. you only carry metadata via facetime api. the video plays locally based on that sync times etc

What if both Infuse players are linked to the same Plex library? Which is often the case for me and my family. I’ve given them access to my Plex account to which they connect as their own. That solves the issue of having the same file, metadata etc.

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i think this could work in theory. infuse devs are super smart so unless they say it is not possible, there is hope cool features could come out of it

Actually if you use the plex client you can already do this with plex server. Plex added watch party a while back. If they add shareplay then infuse might just be able to piggy back off their integration.


Plex and jellyfin have both supported watch together. Although jellyfin’s implementation’s kinda broken. I wonder if it’s possible to interact with their APIs (I don’t know how stream works behind the scenes) or sync the timelines of multiple users who are connected to the same library. This is the only feature that’s missing. I have to use plex for watch together, and their player is currently unusable with hdr/dolby vision movies on the new ATV due to the banding issue and the profile issue.


An update to syncing infuse with other clients:
It’s possible to use plexapi, plexwebsocket and pyatv libraries to fetch all the required information. Plex clients can be controlled using their API and I can launch new media for a client. The issue is mainly with infuse. I cannot find a way to control it besides tvOS’s protocols, which is really limited.
So I figured maybe we can manually choose movies and ask the script to detect both sessions and keep them in sync. The only issue is that “set position” seems to be missing in infuse (see: this post). I’ve successfully synced apple tv app and another plex client in this way but it doesn’t fit my use case…

why use plex api when infuse is a standalone app and apple created a new api for this

The plex doesn’t have to be there. It can sync any clients given sufficient APIs.

  1. Infuse doesn’t have an open api afaik.
  2. Plex does have an api.
  3. Infuse hasn’t supported shareplay yet and I can’t do anything about it.
  4. I want to use the feature right now with hdr/dolby vision media and spatial audio.
  5. It’s easier to write a small script compared to reinventing a wheel.

shareplay has not launched yet so no developer could have implemented it so far

Yes. That’s why I prefer to write a script myself and share my findings instead of dealing with the uncertainty. It’s not even clear how the player experience would be with shareplay.

SharePlay allows users to watch together if they have access to the same app and same media. Not sure if it’s applicable here but would be nice.

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What about SharePlay support?

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I would love share play support. I am interested how/if it could work if people have the same file at different locations.


It would be nice it has Sync play. I just convince my friends to buy the infuse. It will be better if infuse can support SharePlay API. If not just simple sync and playing some files would be nice.

Since both I and my friends can access the same files(Google Drive, Box, WebDAV). So that will make it awesome to just Sync and play. Maybe support steaming video from local later?

Maybe when a friend joins the room they can select the related files to sync play. And infuse just need to check the length of the video and framerate to check if that is possible to play.


Yes shareplay would be awesome
Maybe trough plex that has a similar feature ?

I would love it if you could implement this shareplay feature. I use Infuse a lot and love the app. Since the pandemic started my sister and I stream together frequently and shareplay would often make it much easier :slight_smile: We used it with Disney a few times and it’s working really good.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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One year and counting…

Also interested !

Any updates on this?
It feels like a must-have, since basically I can’t even think of one app that I know that would allow me to get that