Shared Plex Servers and Bandwidth limits

Occasionally I’ll go to play a movie that lives in a friend’s shared PMS. I’ll see the error msg Bandwidth Limit Exceeded, and some more info about adjusting the remote settings in Plex. I have some questions and comments about that.

I presume my friend is the one who can make a Plex adjust allowing the sharing of more bandwidth, right? Not me. If so, then the note is confusing.

Also Plex will then place that movie into “Watching”. ThatWatching status seems temporary, but it nonetheless goes into Watching status. Well it never started playing so putting it in watching seems wrong, and almost a slap in the face lol, since I can’t resume watching it. It might make sense to put it in Watching presuming that I will leave Infuse and go into Plex to watch it (via transcoding). However that “watching” status is only temporary. If I leave Infuse the movie is no longer in Watching any more, not in Infuse top shelf or in Plex. The Watching status might make sense IF I’d find the movie over in my Plex Watching. I think I maybe posted about that in the past, too.

Lastly, I think James once said that someday maybe Infuse will be able to transcode like Plex does. Is that on the roadmap?