Shared library

I know Infuse uses cloud storage (iCloud) for some information. It would be great if more (all?) data could be share between clients, either using cloud (iCloud, dropbox etc) more extensively or by a shared folder of choice.

I would like to use Infuse on as many clients as possible because I think it’s a very good player, but in this area it’s bested by media players like Plex.

For instance: 80% of the time I watch movies on my main screen in the living room, 19% of the time I use the TV in my bedroom and 1% (or less) I use my Ipad …
Since Infuse doesn’t have a server software updating in the background, the client on the Ipad is heavily behind when it comes to an up-to-date library. Not to mention the Apple TV that sits in our familys cabin way up in the woods …

I think that using a shared storage for more (all?) metadata and library features would give Infuse a lot of useful features that it currently lacks and kill the last reasons to use Plex as a media center.

How hard could it be? :smiley: