Shared iTunes movie folder

All my shared folders play fine except my iTunes movie folder. Error loading content appears when I try to play any movie ?

I don’t think that Infuse can play DRM media. If it’s movies you downloaded from iTunes I think your stuck playing them with the Apple produced players.

Nuts ! That’s what I was thinking… Was just hoping to use one nice neat little app for everything ! Thanks for the reply .

let me get this right, movies purchased in ITunes store can’t be created into Infuse files? Any ideas how I can cast my ITunes movies otherwise?


The movies from iTunes have DRM (digital rights management) so the movies can’t be pirated and thus can only be played with Apple software.

Have you tried the app included with the Apple TV called “Movies iTunes”? It’s purpose in life from what I can tell is to play movies you have purchased in iTunes. Then you don’t have to worry about “casting” from anywhere.

Thanks NC Bullseye, for your reply.

As I don’t have an Apple TV, I may want to look for options elsewhere.

This article talks about ways to remove DRM from iTunes movies

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