Shared folder bug?

I had a SMB shared connected called “mystuff” and favorite called “Downloads” in the file structure of “Mystuff”.

I wanted to change protocol to NFS. I deleted the SMB share and connected to the same share as NFS called it “Mystuff”. All is well but if I exited the Share menu and went back in I would have to two “Mystuff” shares. One being the new NFS and the second being the old SMB that I deleted.

I repeated deleting both shares clearing metadata, exiting and closing Infuse app and duplicating the step above creating the “Mystuff” NFS share. Each time I would end up having two “MyStuff” shares of SMB and NFS.

The way I resolved having only a single NFS share was by naming the new NFS share something other than the original SMB “MyStuff”.

Did you let Infuse complete a library scan after changing? Sometimes it will show two until it has a chance to complete the scan and determine the old is gone and only the new exists.

That is a good point. No, I don’t think I allowed the Library update to complete once I noticed duplicate shares. Since both share paths were valid paths and that would mean duplicate content and was confirmed by the “count”. I stopped the update and did what I stated above.

You may want to give that a shot.