Shared external drive is not visible to 2G aTV

I’m sharing an external drive (NTFS formatted, with the latest Tuxera NTFS drivers installed on 10.9.1), through my MacBook Pro. The share is visible to aTV, but the external drive is not.

On the MBP’s side I’m sharing the drive both with AFP and SMB, although the SMB share is not visible when I’m scanning for shared items on my aTV, only the AFP appears. The AFP login details work properly and I’m able to test, add and save the share in Infuse’s settings. I can see the AFP share and browse its folders, but the external drive is not visible.

The strange thing is that the same external drive is visible to iOS Infuse v2. I can see the shared folder of the external drive, browse the folders and even stream videos to my iPad and AirPlay them to aTV.

I’ll probably fully reset my aTV, upgrade its OS to the latest version (6.0.1 I think?), re-jailbreak it and re-install FireCore.

I’m adding a graph to show the setup and what does or doesn’t work. The green lines work fine, the red one is the one that doesn’t.


A quick follow up to myself.

After searching around, it looks like sharing NTFS drives through SMB via Mavericks is sketchy at best. There are all sorts of guesswork workarounds to make Mavericks properly share an NTFS drive. The root of the problem seems to be the new SMB2 protocol adopted by Apple in Mavericks, it looks like there’s some ironing to be done there until it works properly.

I’ve tried a couple of the proposed solutions without success. I’ll probably try a couple more (the simplest seems to be to start the path with cifs:// to enforce an SMB1 connection). I still haven’t figured out why Infuse 2 on iOS sees the drive though.

More followup for anyone who might have a similar problem.

Sharing the same drive via SMB from a 10.5.8 PowerBook works! Infuse on AppleTV sees the shared drive and indexes it properly.

looks like My problem is the same…
was working fine until I update my imac to Mac OS X yosemite.
I can’t see my ntfs drives any more, but it works ok on infuse for iOS…

did you find a robust solution ?

I’m sorry, I didn’t. After a while I got fed up with all those small instabilities and inconsistencies and I stopped using FireCore altogether.