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I’m confused about terminology and what Infuse tvOS is scanning for the Library. My config has a single “Share” (which is a “Server” NOT a “Share”) - a NAS which has loads of media files in one “Share” on the “Server”. But also has a load of other “Shares” unrelated to media on that “Server” (NAS).

On the Infuse tvOS I configure the NAS (which is a “Server” but Infuse seems to call a “Share”) and then select the Media “Share” as an Infuse “Favourite”.

Is Infuse scanning the entire NAS (all shared folders) or just the ones I mark as “Favourites”?

If scanning the entire “Server” (NAS) is there any way to restrict it to just the Shared “Media” folder?

Many thanks.

This users guide goes through on how to set up your shares and favorites and how to include them in the library.

I’d read that but it does not answer the question. All it says about tvOS is “Favorites are quick links to folders that are displayed on the Infuse home screen.”. Question is about what it scans on the device rather than quick links on home screen.

For eg macOS you restrict using custom address where the server (device) name also has the folder for media as in server/folder. But this is not documented for tvOS.

Are favourites in effect the shared folders to scan for media or is the entire server scanned or are favourites just quick links on the home screen?

All rather vague and terminology is not as normally used for servers (eg NAS) and shares on that server.


In Infuse, things are classified in this way.

  • Share = a unique network connection, usually a NAS, Mac, PC, etc… (aka server)
  • Favorite = a folder on the share which can be indexed or browsed directly in Infuse

Normally, you would create a share with the main server address, and then add favorites for any folders you want to access.

You can also append a folder path to the share address if you want to provide a direct link to your files. If you want to have these items in the library you can then set a favorite for ‘all files’.

Many thanks.

Am I right in my understanding (from the manuals) that the append folder path to the share address is only for macOS/iOS/iPAdOS and not available on tvOS?


It should work on all devices, if you prefer to set it up that way.

You won’t need to adding any prefix, such as: smb://

Many thanks.
Tried and have to set it up through the “Other …” option.

I’m always careful about security and whilst I trust Infuse (wouldn’t be using any software I don’t trust), I don’t like giving anything access to stuff they don’t need access to, particularly when that could include confidential/financial documents on different shares.


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