Share via Ethernet

Does anyone know if an AppleTV nected wirelessly can then share the connection via the ethernet port? This would really be great for those with Slingbox or DirecTV “On Demand”.

I am pretty sure you can’t use both wired and wireless at the same time. When I connect my macbook to my appletv via ethernet cable the wireless shuts off.


I think you misunderstood my question. As Airport, a Mac, even and iPhone can all share their internet connections I would THINK an AppleTV could too with a little work. This would be great for people wanting to plug in Xbox360, DirecTV “on demand”, or Slingbox to have internet access.

Please Apple Core?

I would love to know if this could be done too. I share my wireless to ethernet on my Airport Express. I would love to free it up and replace that functionality with my ATV. I bet it could be done, it would just need to be an improvement to the aTV Flash software. If they can uncripple the USB port, then they should be able to access the sharing features of OSX.

I know this is from years ago but this function would still be super useful.