Share reseting

Hi, For the past week, my shares has been reseting. the shares are there but everything is missing and reloading from new. i’m on the fourth time rescanning every shares it takes about 2 days to do.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

Also, the Apple TV will work to manage the disk space on the Apple TV, so if it sense your device is getting low then it may clear out data cached by Infuse and other apps. This doesn’t happen often, but seems to be more common for users who have a lot of apps installed, or apps that download and store a lot of content (IPTV apps in particular).

Hi, I don’t have a lot of apps on my apple tv. I am using SMB. also since maybe friday, even SMB won,t load my content in my library (it used to be all nice and sorted, now it’s just in folders).

This has started happening to me recently and very frequently. Other users are reporting the same but have been doing on the lost metadata thread which is marked as solved (but is the same issue).

It may be due to storage space, but I have a 64GB Apple TV with very few apps (and it’s only happening on one of my boxes).

This is making infuse unusable in my main living room, every time the family use infuse they have to wait for the library to load. Deleting and reinstalling infuse makes no difference.

I have removed pretty much all apps and it’s a 64GB Apple TV. The one in another room (which is set up the same with the shared home screen and exactly the same apps) has never had this issue once.

Q4RM8 keeps resetting
XP7X6 has never reset once

Could you advise why I’m only getting this issue on one of the boxes?

I also notice that this started happening right after the new update

This is happening every day now and is making infuse unusable.

There are more and more topics being posted with a similar issue. This can’t be considered something that only happens occasionally.

Just checked: TVStorage app says I’m using 15% of a 64gb Apple TV, but still getting the issue: 2TGYA

While it’s hard to say exactly what happened in your case, it looks like on November 2nd @ 18:53 local time (when Infuse was opened) the Apple TV was using only 5.1 GB (7.9%) of its storage space. This seems a little low, so there’s a good chance the Apple TV may have recently done some housekeeping to free up disk space for other apps which were requesting it.

One thing we’re working towards for an upcoming version is a much more robust iCloud Sync integration, which should dramatically reduce the time it takes to repopulate your library in the event the Apple TV does start deleting things.

Thx, this is happening daily though and it feels like it’s been decided that the problem is storage so it’s not being looked into further (only a solution to fix it quicker when it does happen). I’ve recently deleted most apps to see if it fixes it as that seemed to be the concensus and it doesn’t. This issue never used to happen on this Apple TV so something somewhere has changed.

My Apple TVs are all set up with the matched home screen, one of them has never once had this issue and on checking it’s a 32GB model, yet my 64gb model with the same apps has the issue every day.

32gb no issue 9T048
64gb with issues 7J0QZ

The logs from the 32GB device are a little more interesting.

On 11/3 @ 10:52 Infuse was opened and the Apple TV was using 1.74 GB.

Then (also on 11/3) @ 11:40 Infuse was opened and the Apple TV was using 20.18 GB.

If possible, could you list the other apps you have installed? It seems likely something is downloading and storing a ton of data on your Apple TV.

Hi, the 64gb one has reset again VT0D5

Interesting on the 32GB (this still has never rest once). Apps on both are identical:
Prime video
Bbc IPlayer
Hidden folks
Lego city
Under leaves
Riptide GP

Although the Apps installed may be the same, surely it is app usage that is important as running apps are likely to be downloading to the ATV … so of those apps are there any which in general gets used more/longer per day on the ATV that is having problems compared with the one that does not?

The one that does not have the issue is a 32gb version, it does get used less but the same apps get used - I only really use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and IGN. IPlayer and the other U.K. catch up gets used only occasionally as I have those in Sky Q.

Edit: misread the post on my phone (is obviously too early in the morning)