Share library with different Apple ID's (same family)

Hi everyone,

I have Infuse with a library configured and I’d like that my wife can access to this library from her iPhone with her Apple ID. I don’t want to configure the library again for her devices.

Is it possible to share my library with her?

Thank you!!

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Have you checked out the Family Sharing section of the tacked post here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing ?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow sharing of iCloud data between Apple IDs at this time.

However, with iCloud Sync enabled on her devices, you would just need to add the share once and the saved info will sync across to other devices automatically.

But what about all wrong metadata that I had to correct manually? I mean… Total Recall 1990 was automatically labelled as Total Recall 2012 and I had to match it manually.

Do I have to repeat again with my wife’s devices?


My recommendation would be to rename as many files (e.g. “Total Recall (1990).mkv”) with the year so that they get chosen correctly the first time and there is no need for manual corrections. Then if you ever share with anyone it is correct.

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