Share Infuse library with others


I told Elan the CTO of PLEX that I was coming here to suggest one feature, the one that would free us PLEX hostages in the Apple Ecosystem with their subpar application, from the grips of PLEX Tyranny.

If you can add sharing your infuse media with other infuse users, THEN YOU WILL HAVE US ALL!! That is the last thing that is holding us back from departing from PLEX. To share my media with my friends so they can connect to my library, that would be the biggest game changer in Infuse history… Ok maybe I am over hyping it, but you would have at least an entire form of PLEX people and all of their friends and friends friends, hop on the infuse Train… That has to be worth something right?

Alight, Happy New Year.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

Splendid!!! :smiley:

It’s a feature available with plex it could be cool if we can share libraries with friends and family.
Thank you James