share folder access denied

Hi i m using window 10 pc… when i m sharing movies folder ( In D Drive or E Drive) infuse showing me folder but when i try to add my favorite or trying to open folder on infuse it giving me error access denied… in other way when i m share from ( C Drive ) it is working 100% and playing movies flawless… can some one help wht is going wrong…

Can you check to ensure you have file sharing enabled on your PC for these drives? IIRC, file sharing will need to be setup separately for each drive.

thanks for reply… one more thing to ask you when i m playing mkv movie size around 80 to 70 GB its play fine on my tp link router but when try to play movie (in bdmv folder format) its stuttering i check speed test it given me 64mbs minimum and receive 65mbps… can you guide how to fix

Make sure your PC is connect via Ethernet and not wireless. Additionally connect your AppleTV to your router with Ethernet as well.

my atv 4k and pc both connected with ethernet cable… i ask you is 65 mb speed of lan network is ok for playing bdmv folder 4k movies or i should upgrade

65Mbps is extremely low. It’s probably ok for 1080p but not 4K

then plz tell me how much it would be and plz suggest a router or something which can play 4k easily… i m newer in this game so plz help

If doing 4K you can’t run wireless. It just isn’t reliable enough. Honestly I can’t recommend a router with USB sharing as I don’t use that. I have everything connected via Ethernet to a synology NAS.

i dnt hve wireless connection… i also made ethernet wired connection with … Dlink Dns320L NAS sharecenter… TPLink wr940n router… is it ok

another question if i m watching 4k movie at 65mbps speed… is the picture quality output is 100% or m i watching it in 1080p rather than 2160p?