Share and preload metadata ( plex )

Since the Plex client is such buggy garbage, I’m looking into alternatives for all my clients, infuse is perfect as it fixes almost all the problems with apple devices.

However, the loading of all the metadata when infuse is installed is a problem.
let’s say I have 100 apple clients 47 of them are having problems so the switch to infuse, that is now 47 users loading the metadata of over 40k movies and god knows how many tv show episodes.

So being able to have an up-to-date file that can just be downloaded and added to a folder would make life with infuse complete.

I checked the forums and I see this has been asked for but I can’t find if it was ever done.

wow, no reply at all…

Can you point to where?

Also are you strictly tied to Plex (ie usage for non Apple device shares)?

I ask because Emby and Jellyfin have a plug-in called Infuse Sync that updates clients pretty much straight away. The reason it doesn’t have a version for Plex being a Plex issue.

Due to the way Infuse is structured, it will build a local cache of the library (using whatever source(s) you have specified on the device) and update that at certain intervals, or when the app is first opened.

Additionally, it can do this in the background to reduce the amount of time it takes for updates to appear, but there are some reports of issues with background updates which we are looking into.

For Plex sources, you can reduce the amount of time Infuse spends updating the library by disabling the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found under the share’s settings. With this off, Infuse will simply fetch images on demand as you browse to specific items - instead of fetching evening at the start.

As mentioned by @Hitsville, Emby and Jellyfin connections can make use of the InfuseSync plugin which will dramatically reduce the amount of time Infuse takes to get updates. Unfortunately, Plex does not support 3rd party plugins like this.