Share after disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive not found

Hello Firecore-Forum,

I’m from Germany. So my english isn’t perfect. I use a AVM FritzBox 7490 and a WD Ultra 4 TB HDD (connected to the FritzBox). Now I bought the new series of Shaun the Sheep. I convert the movies and series to MKV. Then I disconnect the HDD from the FritzBox an copy the files to the WD Ultra. After that I connect the WD Ultra back to the FritzBox. Before the last update I start my Apple TV 4k and start the Infusion App. The arrow turns and after about 6 seconds the connection is established. My folders “Films”, “Seasons” und “Music” are there an when I select a folder, then I can also see the files.

The arrow has been rotating since the last update and an error message appears. when I go to the menu item “Shares” I see that there is no longer a connection. I then have to create the connection again manually. But that means that the scans of all my films and series are gone and I have to create them again.

I think that since the last update, infuse no longer remembers that the share is still present after disconnecting the hard drive and reconnecting it.

Can you please check this.