SFTP: Public key authentication?

Does Infuse support public key authentication for connections to SFTP shares?
Or is it planned for future releases?
Couldn’t find a way to import/add my private key.

(Personally, I’d gladly pay the Pro upgrade if I could use SFTP this way)

Jazzmaster. See my recent post: http://firecore.com/forum/topic/13158

I have the pro version so I can’t speak to any limitations of the free version. I guess it would depend on the NAS or any share you are referring to. I have a WD Mycloud. I had to first allow users other than “root” permission to SSH-SFTP to the device. On my drive this is done by SSH with Cyberduck into the drive and then adding existing users names (so if they don’t yet exist you need to create them through your NAS UI). I did this by edting the file “/etc/ssh/sshd_config”
Change “AllowUsers” line by adding user names such as:
AllowUsers root user1 user2 (where user1 and user2 etc are the names of users).

There is a “/etc/passwd” file on my WD Mycloud where I verified those users’ home folder was “/shares” (otherwise when they log in they are at the root level and could possibly brick the drive). If you want them to have a specific home folder you can change “/etc/passwd” file from “/shares:/bin/sh” to “/shares/Public:/bin/sh” (where “public” is the share you want to limit them to). Check with the manufacturer of your drive as it may be very different but essentially should be similar.

Once I rebooted I SSH’d back in and everything was as expected. It was following the permissions I gave through the NAS UI. However, through Infuse it places all users wether root or defined, at the root level of the drive. Not ideal. They can navigate to the media but it is a hassle. Within Infuse they cannot manipulate any files so I was not worried about that. So it works… but not as i would like. Hope this helps.

I would be interested in an answer to this question too. How can I use sftp with public key authentication?

I’m also interested in SSH public key authentication. I currently use WebDAV over HTTPS to stream Infuse when I’m away from home, but would love the added peace of mind that public key authentication would provide. I’d be able to close another port on my router, and would also be able to reject anyone attempting to authenticate via a username and password outright, preventing brute force attacks.