SFTP Problems with Fugu

I no longer can connect to my apple TV using Fugu - when I set up to do so, I keep getting the error “WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!”. Then the program stops.

In the past I was able to connect - but I do not know what changed.

I set my user/password to Frontrow and Force SSH1 Connection.

What else am I doing wrong?


This could be overly simple, and you probably checked it…so forgive me if I offend you and your troubleshooting skills :slight_smile:

Are you sure the aTV’s IP address didn’t change? Have you tried logging in through Terminal/SSH? Every few days my aTV changes IP address and I have to use terminal to “ping” it to get the new one. I’m sure there’s a way I could fix it completely, like manually giving it a static IP but I’m just lazy. Anyway, sorry if those are things you’ve already tried…thought I’d suggest them anyway.

Have you performed a factory restore since accessing the Apple TV via Fugu? If so, the host ID has changed from performing a factory restore. You simply need to remove the stored key on your computer.

Open Terminal and enter the following:

sudo rm .ssh/known_hosts

Should solve your problem.

Thanks for all of the suggestions…

My IP address for my AppleTV has NOT changed - but in any case I verified this again, and even used the generic “AppleTV.local” reference for my IP address without success.

I also have done a factory restore several times on my AppleTV with out success. I will try a factory restore AGAIN this am, but if it is an address that needs to be reinitialized, apparently my prior attempts at factory restore did not work.

Thanks again for the suggestions…


I just did a factory restore on my AppleTV, then updated the software to the latest version and reinstalled aTV version 3.0. I then went back to my MacPro computer, and, in the terminal window, executed the command “sudo rm .shh/known_hosts”. I got back the error “.shh/known_hosts: No such file or directory”.

I then re-executed FUGU, confirmed to IP address on my updated AppleTV, and tried to connect via a forced SSH1 Connection. I still errored out with “WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!”.

Is there another command to remove “known Hosts references”? Any further suggestions…


Sorry I cannot type :slight_smile:

should be:

sudo rm .ssh/known_hosts

Thanks. The corrected terminal command worked - Fugu now transfers files ok!


yes worked for me also…

I tried to trick changing the name… appletv instead of AppleTV.local or by the IP also…

doing the cleanup of the known hosts have worked out!