SFTP performance on iOS/tvOS

Hi, I have created this topic more than 5 soon to be 6 years ago. I gave up sftp long time ago in a favor of different solutions, today it is a wireguard + smb, or https over public internet.

@sfatula What is your hardware setup that you’ve managed to reach those speeds?

I’ve been using sftp on TVOS and IOS for as long as it’s been around. My speed is local on the LAN, so not sure what you are asking. You are speaking of WAN access? I don’t use Infuse remotely.

In my case at least, I am talking about remote connections to a server via SFTP. The speeds are between 10-14Mbit/s on Infuse 7.3.9

(For LAN connections I am using SMB, and the speeds here are adequate.)

So, what are your connections on the LAN then? Same machine, local, what test speeds do you get?

I don’t use smb & sftp in Infuse often, but I notice similar issue when I use.
Tested with the same 30GB movie (Infuse iOS 7.3.9 & Mac 7.3.8) to my local Unraid server.
It’s clear as day that it’s not my Network issue. And there’s something special in Infuse smb & sftp stack, While the speed is acceptable on 1Gb Lan, somehow the speed on WIFI is noticeably slower compare to Plex share in Infuse & other App. @james

iphone XS (wifi):
Plex share > iOS infuse: 420Mbps
Smb & sftp > iOS Infuse: 50Mb
sftp > FE file explorer: 280Mb

MacBook Pro 14 (1Gb Lan)
Plex share > Mac infuse: 720Mbps
sftp > Mac Infuse: 270Mbps
smb > Mac Infuse: 350Mbps
sftp > forklift, transmit, FileZilla: 720Mb
smb > finder, forklift: 500Mb

MacBook Pro 14 (wifi)
plex share > infuse: 570Mb
smb > infuse: 110Mb
sftp > infuse: 70Mb
smb & sftp > finder, transmit, forklift: 500Mb

I don’t see anything outside the normal range with those speeds. Remember that infuse speed test is not equivalent to a file transfer and checks the equivalent speed during playback.

In my case, watching any movie results in buffering issues as 14Mbit/s is not enough (SFTP over the Internet).

I was thinking the same, “maybe the smb/sftp speedtest in infuse is actually streaming speed so playback should be fine”,
but then when I try to play a 50GB 90mins movie over sftp, there are noticeable buffer during playback while no issue over plex share in infuse

I also check the real time streaming speed in my Unifi AP dashboard of the 1st min playback of a 50GB 90mins movie to my iPhone XS.

The issue in Infuse Smb&sftp stack is obvious.

infuse sftp: 50-60Mb, constant buffer
infuse smb: 40-60Mb, constant buffer
infuse plex share: 250-300Mb, no buffer
FE file explorer sftp: 160-260Mb, no buffer

A 50GB movie at 90 min works out to about 75Mbps so you would to make sure your connection speed is faster than that. Probably at least 100 to have a solid playback.

@munpip214 It is not a question of whether or not our connection speed is fast enough (over 75Mbits with regard to your example). The question is why the SFTP transfer speeds in Infuse are inadequate (see title of this thread), around 14Mbits. We do not have any influence on Infuse’s performance, especially when changing the protocol to another one is not possible for some servers that we connect to over the Internet.

I know what I’m doing. I work in network related field.
The fact that streaming the same 50GB 90mins movie by plex share of infuse is 300Mb while smb&sftp is only 50Mb, is enough to say that there are issue in the infuse smb/sftp stack.

Okay then what speeds do you expect? WiFi sucks and plex is designed for streaming. :man_shrugging:t3:

I mean, I stream (NOT download) the same 50GB movie in FE file explorer by sftp, and it’s 200Mb no buffer, while in infuse sftp it’s 50Mb with buffer.
So I can only draw the conclusion that there are issue in infuse sftp/smb stack.

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So FE File Explorer has a speed test for playback? Are the speeds you are reporting the average/min/ or max speeds?

Of course FE doesn’t have speed test.
I check the real time streaming speed of the 1st min of same 50GB movie in my unifi router dashboard, as I’ve said above.
I stated the range (min & max) above as well.
In case anyone miss, here’s the range(iPhone XS): infuse sftp: 50-60Mb, constant buffer.
FE file explorer sftp: 160-260Mb, no buffer.

As a network engineer:

Many persons pointed out that there is an issue with SFTP/SMB stack in Infuse, for multiple versions during the streaming. Your product has a limitation.

How did I measure the limitation? Simple, by monitoring the traffic on a server side. Infuse client was not able to pull more than 7 Mbit/s.

Btw, soon I am going to open a new thread about http/webdav support, where instead of streaming the file Infuse downloads the whole file at once.

@james Would you mind giving us an update on this issue? Thank you.

It’s wiered that WebDAV gives me 120Mbps max and 100Mbps average throughput but due to limitation on add to favourites only applicable to folders and not files it inconvenient to use webDav as SFTP is very slow not sure why

Connection speeds can vary quite a bit depending on the network connection type, and the type of device you are connecting to.

Does your device support any other options besides WebDAV and SFTP? Many people use SMB or NFS, and those generally work quite well.