SFTP performance on iOS/tvOS


I noticed this problem few months ago with an iOS version of Infuse. if i stream from a sftp server the maximum speed i reach is 5-7Mbit/s. I ended up using IKEv2 VPN instead + webdav(http). But after a recent purchase of ATV4 that doesn’t have a VPN client on it i’m back to sftp solution and again the speed limitation is there that doesn’t allow me to stream a content with a higher bitrate.

Does anybody else have the same problem?

Thank you.

P.S. I get a full speed from the same server using mbp.


Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look and see if we can track down what may be going on.

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Anything new about that? Seems to be still an issue. SFTP is 1/4 the speed of FTPS.
I try to stream form a remote server:

  • with Filezilla, SFTP and FTPS are the same speed: 50MB/s
  • with Infuse, only SFTP works, speed is 13MB/s
    All tests on the same device.

I am still using WebDav, but this time over https, thanks to let’s encrypt for free certificates.

Same problem here. With cable and some adjustments on provider side we get now 12 MBit/s but this is still to less.:confused:

Could please acknowledge this? Correcting would be awesome too, pleaaaaase?

After the recent update now WebDAV is broken

Same issue - SFTP results in slow speeds/buffering (10Mbit/s) on macOS/iOS. filezilla (macOS) with the same settings maxes out my internet connection (30MByte/s). @james any status update?

EDIT: Tried the same settings on iOS with FE File Explorer and I get around 20-30MByte/s. The issue is definitely an Infuse one.