Sftp not Work?!


sorry for my bad English…

I have a Problem, my iPad ios 8 (Infuse 3.2 Pro) can not connected (sftp) with my Synology Diskstation.
The Port is not the standard Port, my port is 55555. The url is a “no-ip.org url”.

My another Apps can connect with this Sftp Informationen.

What is wrong?

Thank You

I am also unable to connect to SFTP server. I’ve tried two different servers. They both work fine from other apps on the iPad, but not in Infuse. The only message I get is “An Error Occured”.

okay the same mistake I did also, there are perhaps already could make an SFTP connection someone? if so he can give us maybe once exemplified say what data he has entered in order to produce a successful connection?

Thank You

We’ve tracked down a few SFTP related issues and included fixes for them in the 3.2.2 version which was submitted to Apple today.

Thanks for your patience!

How long does that approval process usually take for you?

Still no update to 3.2.2 on my iPhone. Having the same issue as gerlach-rewe.

Hopefully will be fixed soon.

3.2.2 is currently in review.

We’re hoping it’s approved soon.

Two weeks for an approval… Apple is taking it very serious I guess :wink:

3.2.2 was just approved, and should be available shortly.

Please let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that SFTP is working on Infuse 3.2.2. I can access my Synology NAS now, thanks!

Great! Thanks for following up.


I have sent an email to the support address with the details, but for reference I am also having SFTP issues using Infuse Pro 3.6.1 to access a Buffalo NAS.

I can successful connect using another app on the same iOS device, but when I try with infuse it just says “An error occured”.

Thanks in advance and hopefully you can find out what the issue is.