SFTP connection (to Bitvise SSH Server on a nonstandard port) always fails with 'An error occured'

Hello, please see subject - I verified that I can access the SFTP with a desktop client (ForkLift for mac), but when I enter same settings into Infuse 4 or Infuse 5 (up-to-date versions on iOS 11, tried both, have purchased infuse 4) on an iPad, I only get ‘An error occured’.

The server doesn’t show a connection attempt in it’s log. I am using non-standard 4-numbers port (I was uncomfortable with how many bots try logging into a default port 22 on a public IP).

Is there a way to get more debug info from Infuse to see why it fails?

Thanks, Tomas

EDIT: Turns out it was a problem with iPad’s connectivity, I’m sorry! But it would be helpful if Infuse could distinguish between connectivity error (you’re offline) and protocol error (error from SMB etc.).

Glad you’re up and running. :slight_smile:

The idea for better messaging is a good one, and is something we will probably look into.