Severe playback issues. Constant buffering

I am running Infuse Pro 7.4.2 (4192) on iPad with ipadOS 15.5 installed and I am experiencing severe playback issues on nearly all files (4K, 1080p, etc.)
All files are stored on a diskstation NAS using a smb v2 share. When I start playback of a file, I get the spinning wheel for about 30 seconds before the video finally starts playing. After 1 - 2 minutes the video freezes and I get the spinning wheel again. This even occurs when the file is stored locally on the ipad and played back from there. I can rule out any network issues as everything works flawlessly when playing back the file using VLC on the ipad or Infuse on the ATV4K. Deleting an reinstalling Infuse from scratch didn‘t resolve the issue.
Any ideas or clues?

Diagnostic info: 324R3

If you have a chance, would you be able to upload one of the problematic video files so we can review it here?

I have not had time to upload any video files. As a matter of fact, the relevant files are rather large in size (>15 GB) and uploading them will take a very long time.
I will try to describe the problem in detail. I am running the current release of Infuse on an ATV4K, an iPhone 13 Pro, an iPad Pro (2018) and on an iMac (2017). The problem only occurs on the iPad and on the iPhone and started to surface a couple of releases ago (I cannot say exactly when it began). Neither the ATV4K, nor the Mac are affected by it. As I have stated above, the “problematic” files played back fine with previous releases of Infuse on the iPad/iPhone and still do using an alternative player (e.g. VLC). Therefore I can rule out any network related issues.
It seems to me, something broke a few releases ago and only iOS and iPadOS are affected.
Hopefully I provided enough information for @james to look into the problem. If there was a chance to install older versions of Infuse on the iPad I was able to tell when the problem first occurred.


Can you try running a speed test in Infuse? More info on this can be found here.

I get an average speed of 122 Mbps.
As I said before, the problem occurs even when the file is stored locally on the device.