Severe banding in Infuse on ATV4k

Do you have many files like this?

Would you able to upload a sample we can try here?

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I haven’t done an audit for all the video files so I’m not sure how many are tagged like this. I did however just finish uploading a 15 second clip that includes the portion in question. I’ve removed audio to make it smaller in size.

Thanks for the sample.

I believe this may be related to another issue we’re looking into, so I’m going to make sure this gets looked at as well.

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Hi James,

That’s awesome. Thanks for your email and looking forward to a resolution!

Hey James thanks for looking into it. Is there a way to follow the issue and/or get notified of updates? I’m running the trial of Infuse Pro right now but am just waiting on this one issue to buy a lifetime and kick Plex to the curb!

You can see the current list of tentative changes and updates for Infuse here.

Also, James will usually post in the thread of an upcoming possible solution.

As long as you follow this thread (and the one James linked to above) you’ll be able to see the most current info on status.


Is this issue fixed?

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Are you seeing it still?

Yes. I just tested the same file that I provided in the original ticket and the banding is still there.

Sorry for my bad English.
Now I am using apple tv 4K 2022 gen7 to playback SDR HEVC 10bit video,but the banding is still there.
If video were SDR 10bit HEVC,wether it is YUV420 or YUV444,wether it is 1080p or 4K,this issue can be reproduced.
Could you developers fix this bug?

I tried VLC to playback SDR HEVC 10bit video just now,and it shows color-banding,too.

I did some test and I found when I disable hardware accelerate in VLC or MRMC,the banding disappear.
I think maybe the color banding of SDR 10bit HEVC video cause of a bug of apple‘s video-toolbox.

All anime BDrips are having heavy color banding issue on infuse (10bit SDR REC709), plex is fine.

yes,there is no banding when I using plex.But the image upscaling quality of plex is terrible while infuse is wonderful.

I really hope infuse can fix the color banding issue.

A number of improvements for 10-bit SDR (BT.709) videos have been added in today’s 7.5.5 update.

Please give this a try and let us know if you continue to see issues here.


I tried, but when playing a 10bit SDR HEVC video, infuse 7.5.5 crashes and automatically exits.
My device is apple tv 4k 2021(gen6) with tvos 15.2

Does this happen with other files?

Can you try updating to the current tvOS 16.5 release?

Other files are fine, including 10bit SDR AVC video.
Only 10bit SDR HEVC files crashes.

I updated tvos to latest 16.5 and it works.
Thank you james.


That’s great to hear! :slight_smile:

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