Several questions about software and pricing

Hi - 

I've got several questions about aTV Flash for the Apple TV 1G.

1) Is $39.95 the complete price? Or is this an annual fee?

2) Are there other costs involved (from FireCore) ?

3) I have an Apple TV 1G and I've already installed xbmc, nito, and a menu app using another flash drive (flash installer).

Will aTV Flash remove/replace existing apps? (It's ok if it does).

4) If not, can I get help "formatting" my Apple TV so that it's "clean" for the aTV Flash install?

5) Doe the installed version of FireFox have Flash player capabilities?

6) Can I use my existing Remote App on my iPod Touch to control everything (xbmc, nito too)?

Or do I need Remote HD ?




1. $39.95 includes updates for one year. You can extend this during checkout, or take advantage of one of the renewal specials we run throughout the year.

2. There are no other costs to use aTV Flash.

3. You can install aTV Flash on top of your current setup. Any outdated components will be removed and replaced with current versions.

4. If you run into any trouble just let us know.

5. Support for Adobe Flash is VERY limited on the AppleTV. More info on enabling Flash on the 1st gen AppleTV can be seen here.

6. The Remote app will work in the normal AppleTV and aTV Flash menus. If you want to use your iPod to control XBMC you will need Remote HD.