Seven world one planet not detecting metdata

Not sure what is the reason. Plex is able to fetch metadata however with problem with translating ( I have polish version)
I attached screenshot.
Tried to search polish title or English no results.
Show is definitely in Tvdb and I added translation myself there.

Try naming the file “Seven Worlds One Planet S01E05 Europe.mkv”

That does away with the comma and also give it a season that Infuse needs to find metadata.

I don’t think this is only case here. When I changed file name on gdrive Infuse still sees old file name :frowning:
The thing is I have this Show in polish version. Plex has similar problems with translations so I changed directory name to “Siedem Światów.Jedna Planeta” because this is exactly how it is on TVDB. SO plex recognized translation of the show but not the episodes and Infuse still sees old file name so it is difficult to tell if name was the problem.
nevertheless if the file name there is “Ep.” or “Episode” or “Odcinek” or any other translation for ‘episode’ word it should be recognised as follows:

  • if there is no S01 assume this is Season 1
  • if there is no name of the season in upper directory name assume it is season 1.

I using Plex and Infuse for files. some people I share with don’t have ATV so they cannot use Infuse, and this would be very annoying to keep on disk two set of files differently named :frowning:

Currently, Infuse will require both a season and episode number included in the filename in order to fetch info for TV shows.

I do realize there are a number of shows which will never have more than one season, so including the season info in the filename seems silly. We’ll be looking into ways to better handle these in the future.

Well funny thing is now I corrected naming Infuse work but apparently Plex stopped matching title, even if there is a match in TVDB. Probably another bug on Plex side (of the many) so if you don’t mind I have another two questions:

  • if Infuse connect to Plex share which metadata it fetches? the one stored in Plex database or it tries again to match?
  • There is a polish show called “Chyłka” I have first season on disk and what a miracle - it was matched correctly. Problem is another 2 seasons are not exactly season because each “season” has its own subtitle because show is based on books. How to name files and directories then?

You’d have to look at thetvdb and see if they have the next two season as “seasons” or as separate shows. I’ve seen it go both ways.

From looking at that specific show (Chyłka) here’s what it looks like to me.

This show appears to be in a state of flux. There are two different entries for the second season, one as a continuation of the first and another entry in thetvdb as a separate show. There is also a third entry for another season that could be either a third season or another new show. You’ll have to keep watching thetvdb and see what gets settled on.

I’d recommend that you join and add your input since it’s a user supported database.
It could be this for the first season of Chyłka “Chyłka S01E01.mkv” Chyłka - Aired Order - Season 1 -
For the second season it could be “Chyłka S02E01.mkv” or it may be “Chyłka Kasacja S01E01.mkv” both may work but I’d not count on it for long. Again, joining the site and adding your input could easily be just what’s needed to straighten out things so give it a thought.