Settings lost when upgrading to Pro 7?


I use Infuse Pro 6.7 (3858) on my ATV and iPhone 6s.

Before upgrading to the latest version of Pro 7 I’d like to now if I need to save/write down my settings on both devices or if the new version detects and uses the existing settings.

Any tips on how to best perform the upgrade are highly appreciated (basically anything that goes beyond the official info here: Upgrade to Infuse 7 – Firecore Support ).


Since Infuse 7 is a different app in the App Store, I recommend writing down the settings if there is something specific you care about. Since it is so old there are many new settings and some changes too.

Local settings from Infuse 6 cannot be moved to v7, but Infuse 7 can pull in iCloud data from Infuse 6 via an automatic one-time migration. This would include things like saved network shares and favorites.

Launching Infuse 7 for the first time will look for v6 data saved in iCloud. If found, it will pull that in and save it as v7 data. Once any v7 data is stored in iCloud, then all old v6 data will be ignored.

Moving forward, all updates will be delivered as automatic updates (EG Infuse 7 will turn into Infuse 8 at some point) so transitions in the future should be seamless.

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