Settings Back-Up

Hi James, Downloaded release 1 and installed successfully yesterday, was playing with a few settings and when I finished thought I would take the back up option just in case.

When ever I have backed up before its taken some considerable time, anything from a couple of mins to 10, I’ve always had the spinning wheel with ‘backing up to the cloud’ message thing.

Anyway, last nights back up took about 2 seconds! Have you either done something in release 1 or do you think as I suspect that it hasn’t actually backed up? It came back with the ‘Back up successful’ message but I’m very suspicious.


There are now 2 backup options - “Full” or “Settings”.   The “Settings” one is fast, but does not backup metadata.  The “Full” one can take a long time depending on the amount of metadata.  I suspect you did the “Settings” option?

Probably but think this is the only option I had. Where are they both then?

Under Maintenace–>Settings there is a line for Backup Type (just under the Manage Backups option).   Looking at it the chocies are Normal and Full.  The comments against the Normal one tells you it just does settings and is fast.

Never noticed that before!



Yep, we’ve added two different backup types in 1.0.

Normal backups will save the essential stuff like saved shares, movie/tv show databases, watched history, logins, browsing history/bookmarks, etc…

Full backups will save all of the above, as well as any cached cover art Media Player has downloaded. Depending on the number of movies/tv shows you have this cached cover art can add up to well over 100MB, and will take substantially longer to backup.

Media Player will automatically re-download any missing cover art, so you don’t need to back it up - it just might save you a bit of time down the road if you do.

Thanks James.