Setting up the infuse client

Infuse is now in version 6 and having one shoe in the plex client and one in infuse I would love to get some replies on some basic questions.

  1. How to show unwatched stuff only? I found a tab vida media, but that flatten out the whole collection and dont gather series in one folder

  2. Related to 1. How can I group series and keep uneatched checked. The list becomes massive if its a huge list of series season folders instead of just series folders. Its a scrolling mess

  3. How can i sort by date added/released

  4. Any way to use the skip intro function in infuse?

My main consern is series does not collect into one folder. For example got makes 8 items instead of one got item with the 8 seasons inside with the episodes inside

Also I would like to toggle off all watched videos, just not show them. Im a video hoarder and ind unwatched section get unuseable when you get a list of 1000 items when it could be narrowed down to 50 (as many series got 10-20 seasons) and houndreds of episodes

Here is an example what i mean. Why not just have one game of thrones and one park and recreation in one folder also group related series in unwatched or else the list is huuuuge and not easy to browse.

If you use the Library function (on iOS it’s the magnifying glass) it will show a series poster and you can drill down from there to seasons and episodes. The library also gives you the ability to sort by many different choices.

I just took a photo of the ios app as it was easiest (but same behaviour on the atv app), but you see there game of thrones season 2, 3, 4 etc. Why not just have One “Game of thrones”, then seasons inside that? I dont find the option to collect series into folders/collections in unwatched mode.