Setting up seagate wireless plus

Hi I saw that infuse was supposed to work with the seagate wireless plus device however I can’t seem to get it to show up in the infuse app at all. Does anyone have any experience in how to get it up and running.

First, you have to connect to seagate via wifi. on your iphone/ipad go to settings/wifi. (You should see seagate or the ssid name you’d given.) Connect to seagate; go to infuse; add files. you will see “available shares” option. select seagate ( or the ssid you’d given) and save.

Yer I’m connected to the drive and can access all the files in the seagate media app. But when I go into infuse it doesn’t show up under avaliable shares.

Interesting, forget about the seagate app. check from iphone’s wifi that you’re connected to seagate. Then, select “via network share” through infuse’s add files. I also have a seagate wireless plus and I always connect smoothly.

Thanks for your help,

for the via network share do I just use the devices ip address in the “address” section?
Also I remember that the drive used to show up in the VLC app and now it doesn’t show up there either so I guess I have changed some of the settings at some point, I just can’t work out what

OK well just factory restored my device and it works fine now… must just be buggy. Restoring your device doesn’t delete your files which is nice. Thanks for your help anyway