Setting up MEGA requires another device?

My only Apple device is an Apple TV 4k. I would like to stream from MEGA to it. But I read that this requires an iOS device to first set it up? No way to directly do it on the Apple TV? Thanks!

Sorry but at this time you need either an iOS device or Mac.

I managed to get a hold of an ipod touch 5 and set up MEGA there. On the ipod the files stream fine, but I can’t see the MEGA share on the Apple TV. I made sure to mark a folder as favorite on MEGA. I’m signed in to iCloud on both devices and Sync is on. I should mention the app version on the ipod is 6.6.4, as it’s the last version that’s compatible with it. Could this be the problem?

Yes, Infuse V6 will sync with other V6 but not V7. Sorry about that.

Can I set it up on an ipad as well? If so, what’s the minimum ipadOS version for Infuse?

Infuse 7.5.8 requires iPadOS 14.0 or later per the app store.

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