Setting Up Local and Remote Libraries from Same NAS

Hi, everyone.

I have an ATV at home and another at a cabin and would like to access the same library on my NAS (local SMB and WebDav for remote) without duplicating libraries in Infuse.

If I understand the iCloud sync logic correctly, should I clear out the metadata cache, log out of ALL devices and delete the app from each? Then, I would reinstall the app on the ATV at the cabin, use my wife’s iCloud credentials for iCloud sync (she’s on my iCloud family plan) and then add the WebDAV remote NAS access. (I could then do the same for the iPad since I take it on trips.) As for the house, I would then reinstall the app on one ATV, using my iCloud credentials, and add the NAS on the local network.

If I now understand the sync logic, the cabin ATV and iPad will sync together because they are on the same share. The house ATVs will sync together because they are on the same share, but will not sync with the iPad or cabin ATV.

I will have to set up favorites, etc on each of the cabin ATV and at least one house ATV (the others will sync to it), but any poster or folder artwork I add will sync up everywhere because all devices will be reading from the same NAS.

Does that sound right? Sorry for the long post, but I recently abandoned Plex in favor of a pure Infuse environment so this is new to me.

Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

There’s a users guide that may give you a little insight for a starting point.

Thank you. That was very useful when I was setting up the remote connection to my NAS via WebDAV. My real question is more trying to confirm my understanding of how everything sync up across devices. If some are local SMB and others remote WebDAV, it seems the library would be duplicated because everything would sync up with those two shares (even though they’re accessing the same NAS but through different means). To avoid such duplication, should the remote WebDAV devices use a different iCloud login so that the metadata doesn’t sync with the local SMB devices?