Setting up afp share FROM Win7?

So the short version of the story is that I have an external hard drive that has my digital DVD library stored on it. It's hooked up to my Mac Pro 24/7 and is subsequently online 24/7. We did this so we could get on the Apple TV2 whenever and play those .dvdmedia files whenever we'd like through FireCore's MPlayer I believe. When the MacPro (OS X Lion) is running, I have it shared via AFP to the Apple TV2 and it works flawlessly. However I do often switch to bootcamp (Win7) which means this share is no longer available for the Apple TV2 to read from which leaves others in the house not able to view the DVD library from it. So I figured no big deal, I'd just get on Win7 bootcamp and share it out as well. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of how one can share out from AFP on a Win7 machine. I can select SMB as a protocol on the Apple TV share list as well but when I enter in the share information, it errors out with "no such directory."


Wishful thinking, but is there a way to share out via AFP from Win7? If not, any thoughts on how to get the SMB share from Win7 working on ATV2?