Setting to delay video start when switching frame rates

With the new tvOS 11.3 beta, I can enjoy my movies in 24hz and that a great news. Nevertheless, my projector take some time to switch from 60 to 24hz, and I’m losing something like 1 or 2 seconds. Not a big deal, for sure, but hearing the music and seeing a black screen kind of bother me. If I could delay the video play for 2 seconds, it would be really nice. Just like a Play and immediate pause (to allow the switching) and wait for XXXXms and then resume Play.



The Apple TV version of MrMc has a nifty feature that allows the users to set a delay for the start of video playback to give the TV time to change refresh rate and content match and do it’s HDCP negotiation.

It’s a really nice quality of life feature which I’d love in Infuse for Apple TV. It’s janky to have video start playing while my TV is flickering to it’s correct display mode.


I would love to have this feature, too! My projector needs about 10 seconds for the resync of the HDMI connection after switching the frame rate. So I hear the audio playing but the video is showing a black screen during this time.


Following tvOS upadte with auto framerate would it be possible to add in Infuse settings the capability to toggle on/off a temporisation before starting to actually read the movie / tv show. (Off by default)

Indeed, as I think some of users, I use infuse to read movies / tv shows on a videoprojector.
This one is connected to the aTV through a HC amplifier and (there is the point) through a wifi-based video transmitter to avoid cabling.

Adding synchronisation of both the amplifier and the video transmitter to the aTV one when switching from 1080p50 to 1080p24 can lead to a 10-15 s black-screen before having the video displayed.
This is somehow acceptable for movies (as they usually have the start generic during that period of time) this is barely unusable for tv shows as they usually start directly and I have then 15s of sound without image.

Due to that, I cannot use the 24p capability of the aTV.
So a tempo option would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Would be nice if Infuse could add such a feature. My projector has a 7-8 sec handshake when switching framerates which means i get a black screen for 8 seconds while the video is already playing in the background.

Please add an option to set up a delayed media playback when switching framerates!

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