Setting date and time

Everytime I've tried to Jailbreak my Appletv it get stuck at Setting date and time after I enter in my wifi info or if I reboot. I can exit it and setup all the jailbreak features in atv an browse online movies, but I can't log into homeshare to access my library. I have the lastest software and everything but I had to get rid of the jailbreak to access my library again. I'm using a PC with Windows 7 if that makes a difference.

Never mind I got it working. I deleted the firmware and let Seas0nPass redownload it. It could of also been not connecting to the wifi at startup and going into the settings and doing it that way worked.

I’m having this exact issue.  Can you clarify your fix?  Did you just rerun the jailbreak from the beginning, deleting the custom IPSW seas0npass creates?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

…And I seem to have answered my own question :)  For anyone that has the same trouble, for me it was that I had never connected my Apple TV 2 to my computer before.  When I did that during DFU it caused complications installing the initial aTV driver.  Running the jailbreak a second time, after the aTV drivers were installed resulted in a successful jailbreak.