Setting a permanent playback speed for specific shows / movies

This is a feature I’ve been wishing for the longest time.

There are some shows and movies in my Library which I watch repeatedly and always watch at 1.25x and some others always at 1.5x. Every time I start playback of those shows after watching something else, I have to manually adjust the playback speed. While this is only a small snag, it would be a great qol feature to be able to set a speed for specific shows or movies.



+1 from me.

Alternatively, as someone who has Infuse set at 1.25x speed all the time…a change that would let you set a playback speed per favorite would make me happy. This means my Films and Music Video folders could be set to 1x…and I would leave the TV Shows folder at 1.25x

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Hi guys,

while watching a video you can manually set the playback speed.
I watch old Animes like Dragon Ball or Pokemon at 1,25 speed. However I always have to manually change this.
It would be cool if you can set this setting for a whole show or a season so you don’t have always set this manually.