Set up Tv shows through Mega

Hey guys does anyone know how to set up tv shows ? So far I’ve only set up movies but if I try to look up tv shows in they meta data search only movies show up, Im currently using infuse through mega, so idk if that has something to do with the problem.

Can you provide a few examples of how you have these files named?

A list of the recommended naming styles for TV shows can be found in this guide.

Oh ok I think that’s the problem it’s not named in a Tv show format, so right now I am testing DragonBall Z it’s labeled (by default) as DBZ - 001 - The Arrival of Raditz.mkv and if I try to search DragonBall Z the TV show it doesn’t show up only the movies, my question is if I manually change the name of the video file will it still work ? I’ve tried in the past to change names of files and many times it corrupts the file.

Are you changing the filename through MEGA’s website, or through some other method?

AFAIK, changing filenames on MEGA shouldn’t cause any corruption issues.