Set up problems

Hi, have done everything like in the video provided, step by step over and over again, but I can not get the additional plugins under the Maintenance menu in. Without that… nothing works!!! What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help?



Do you know which version of AppleTV software you are running? aTV Flash will need at least version 2.4.


I am suffering the identical difficulties with installation

aTV Flash installed per instructions and Apple TV restarted

Additional items (NitoTV, XMBC/Boxee, Maintenance) appear on the Apple TV menu bar

Problem - under 'Maintenance' > 'Manage Plug-ins' only the standard Apple Tv plug-ins appear - no additional plug-ins

New Apple TV with updated 3.02 software

aTV Flash 4.2

Very disappointing :(

Does your AppleTV have a working Internet connection? The Install Extras as well as Additional Plugins lists will pull information from the web, and will appear blank if there is no Internet connection.

This loss of "Install Extras" has happened to me several times. The only solution I have found is to do a factory reinstall and start from scratch. Reinstalling aTV Flash does not do it. A real pain in the ass. There should be a technical explanation for this problem and a fix. I did pay $50 for this software, and clearly am not alone with this problem, so it should have been resolved by Firecore by now. No problem with my internet connection.