Set Metadata and Cover Art for non-existing TVDB/IMDB Series and Movies?

Hopefully this topic has not already been covered (couldn’t find the search feature), however coming from a Popcorn NMT with YAMJ, I am looking for a feature within Infuse (appleTV Gen4) that allows me to publish documentaries or even home videos that are not listed on TVdb or IMDB, and assign a Metadata XML that gives plot, title, etc., as well as specify the cover art. How is this possible?

1. Set cover art for series.
I know that recently the Infuse allows for the folder.jpg option to pull local coverart and fanart files for single file movie files, however I have yet to find a way to do this with multiple files that should all be listed under the same title/coverart. (Basically trying to recreate the same feature for unlisted series that already exists for listed series within TVdb or IMDB).

For example:

  • file= SeriesAbc.S01E01.WhateverTitle.mp4
  • file= SeriesAbc.S01E02.WhateverTitle.mp4
  • file= SeriesAbc.S01E03.WhateverTitle.mp4
  • coverArt= SeriesAbc.S01E01.jpg (does not work)
  • coverArt= folder.jpg (within same folder as files above, does not work)
  • 2. How to set a single metaData XML file for multiple series files.
    I know how to create a metadata.xml file for a specific movie or episode of a series, but how do I do this for multiple shows that should be listed together?

    3. Rip a DVD that has more than the main movie, into a catalog feature.

    For example:

  • file= KingKong.CD1.Main.Movie.mp4
  • file= KingKong.CD2.Extras.mp4
  • file= KingKong.CD3.Bloopers.mp4
  • or
  • file= KingKong.S01E01.Main.Movie.mp4
  • file= KingKong.S01E02.Extras.mp4
  • file= KingKong.S01E03.Bloopers.mp4
  • Both of these sample results in 3 different movies being shown with their own cover art instead of a single movie, with 3 episodes/sections.

    Thanks for any advise or suggestions!