Set Library artwork automatically

I don’t think there’s a way or at least I don’t know how to do it.

I now that if I add a folder.jpg to the folder it will get that image as the image for the folder. I have one for my main folder, movies & tv shows. Every time I refresh metadata it loads fine except the library icon. I want this because I share my folder and it would be nice to have all of them working automatically. Not having to long-press in each Apple TV to change library icon.

I already tried:


Also, Library icon seems to be bigger than the rests. I used the same icon for a folder & library but the one in library zoom out vs the other that zoom in the image. It’s not a big difference but you can notice it.

Btw, since icon sizes are different between iOS/TVOS it can detect which folder.jpg load per device? Some of them looks too small in my iPhone/iPad.

Long press on library and select artwork. I’m not sure why this doesn’t stick for you. For me it stays even when doing a refresh.

Where is the artwork you’re selecting when you do the long press?

Yes. The thing is that I wonder if there’s a wey for infuse to read it automatically. Like naming it to “Library.jpg” and I it load the icon automatically like it does with the other folders.

I think the problem with that is there’s no actual “Library” folder so there’s not a specific place for Infuse to look for it. That’s why there’s a “Select Artwork” function so you can locate what you want to use.


Thanks for the hint. I hope this is something that can change in a future update. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hey @james I see these artwork stuff pending for 7.6.x. Since this is about artwork, can you add it to see if there’s a way?