Set Legacy cache as default?

Looking at the many problems with file playback in different topics of this forum, I noticed one pattern.
In very many cases, everything becomes fine after turning on the legacy streaming cache. Maybe you should use this mode in infuse by default ? I think it will solve the problems of many users who will only face this yet.

It used to be the default (hence the name “Legacy”) but the new implementations of SMB solved many issues that were being encountered. That’s why it’s still an option to switch back and forth.

I understand. But still, if there are any problems with playback, the first tip is to go back to “legacy”. And this advice works. That’s the only reason I suggested doing it by default.

It does often work but also it often does not correct the problem. Many times there are multiple parts to the solution and even times when different combinations of settings will all solve a problem.

The newer protocols were added to work with newer standards that have evolved but not everyone has the bleeding edge newest devices running the latest tech.

It’s tricky to try and gather stats based on posts in a support forum.

A high percentage of posts will be from people with issues.

Things are working great for the majority of other people, so they don’t have a need to post here.


Good point worth noting.

So I should acknowledge here that the only reason I post in these forums as often as I do … it is precisely because this app works as well as it does, that I’ve quickly become invested in its potential to be the sole media app I’ll want or need to utilize; and thus I’m strongly motivated to push you to continue making it even better, so that’s what it becomes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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