Set language/subtitles for complete series

Hello !

I think it would be nice if, when we set the preferred language / subtitle for an episode, these preferences remain selected for the whole series.
It’s annoying that it resets each new episode, especially in autoplay.

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+1 this for me is a big thing as I have a lot of media in different languages so having to switch on and off is such an annoyance.

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New user here, loving the app so far.
I was curious if it would be possible to have a method to change the default language settings on a per TV series basis? Managing movies that may need a tweak here and there isnt a huge task but when you have hudereds of shows that require different defaults it gets to be a bit much to manage.

Hi guys,

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a suggestion because I feel that working this way before, so I will be positive and go for a suggestion:

So I’m French. And I like to watch some English shows in English voices with FR subs, and some English shows in French audio without subtitles (like The Simpsons, where FR language remind me my childhood and I’m really use to theses voices).

So, my default subtile and language settings are full auto and mostly works fine with multiple audio with multiple embed subtitles per Movies/Shows, Infuse goes for English Audio and FR subtitles.
But If I have a shows with Multiple languages and Subtitles and decide to manually select French Audio and no subtilte, this is working fine until the next episode. Sometimes the next episode is in English with French subtitles or French Audio WITH French subtiles.

So, the expected feature is to memorise the language and subtitles parameters set the last time on this show, at least when you are in auto play.

Also, I understand that you can have sudio in one language, and subtitles in the same language for people with ears issues, but mostly there is no logical purpose to start automatically a show in FR with FR subtitle. But that more a point of view than a real subject.

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This is a big issue for me too. +1