Set individual preferences for whole title, folder, or genre

It would be pretty neat to allow users to set up individual preferences (specifically, language for audio and subtitle) in batches before streaming shows/movies/video type. This would also allow users to bypass forced language and subtitles.

Example scenario
Streaming an anime title encoded with Spanish and Japanese audio and subtitles. The files force Spanish audio and subtitle. I have English set as the preferred language on infuse.

What I would like to be able to do
Hold on the folder or the episode to invoke the normal popup, but this time with an option to set language preferences for audio and subtitle for all similar files/titles. In this case, Japanese audio with English subtitle → apply the desired options → begin streaming any episode of this anime with the preferred settings

What currently happens for the same scenario
Start anime → anime has forced Spanish language and subtitles → I need to manually change the settings for each episode. For longer shows, this is a lot of extra work and the short delays for the settings to apply adds up

Btw, I used Apple TV as an example, hence the hold terminology.

Edit: wrote this on my phone, and it had terrible formatting. Fixed it on the computer.